Emergency Commander (EC) – Incident Commander Training (ICT)

Emergency Commander (EC) – Incident Commander Training (ICT)

Emergency Commander (EC) – Incident Commander Training (ICT)

Emergency Commander (EC) – Incident Commander Training (ICT): Units of Competency: 
  • PMASS00020 – Incident Response Commander
  • PMAOMIR320 – Manage incident response information
  • PMAOMIR418 – Coordinate incident response
  • PMAOMIR444 – Develop incident containment tactics
  • PMAWHS310 – Investigate incidents
  • PMAWHS511 – Manage emergency incidents


This course covers the skills and knowledge required to manage and coordinate an emergency response team and work with external agencies. This course is relevant to personnel who would need to assess the magnitude and impact of the emergency; gather and coordinate all of the necessary emergency response personnel and equipment, direct their implementation, and initiate all of the necessary internal and external communication responses. This training applies to persons who would normally be in control of, command the facility or be required to deputise in this role. In a typical scenario, the person in charge of a facility undertakes the management, coordination and response to emergency situations at the facility. Target Group This course is designed for very experienced managers who are a member of their organisation’s Fire Response Team (FRT). Candidates should be familiar with organisational procedures and plans listed below:
  • Safety Cases
  • Hazard and Hazard Control
  • Incident, Fire and Accident
  • Environmental Protection
  • Facility Emergency Management and Safety Systems
  • Emergency Communication Systems
  • ER Plans
Candidates will have knowledge of:
  • Fire chemistry
  • Fire characteristics and/or chemical hazards
  • The location and availability of response equipment
  • The types and application of personal protective equipment (PPE) and Breathing Apparatus
  • Types and application of fire-fighting/ER and containment media and casualty management
Host Safety and Training recommends that if individuals do not have the desired skills and knowledge they attend:
  • Fire Response Team (FRT) training or equivalent, and or;
  • On Scene Commander (OSC) or equivalent
For commanders, please note: Due to the level of relevant skills and knowledge expected to be held by trainees for each of the units, training will be limited to the following;
  • Undertaking critical decision making under pressure
  • Dealing with stressed personnel
  • Developing effective response plans focussed on prevention of escalation and the preservation of human life
  • Coordinating responses both on and off the facility
  • Liaising with support agencies (internal and external) to maintain the response

Student Handbook – Please refer to our student handbook for our policies and more information.

Entry Requirements

  • There are no formal pre-requisites for this course
  • Be at least 15 years of age
  • Payment prior to course commencement – see terms and conditions in the student handbook.
  • Valid photo ID
  • Undertake a language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) assessment before commencing training
  • Wear long trousers, long-sleeve shirt & enclosed footwear
  • USI – Unique Student Identifier. For more information, click here

Payment for this course can be made via EFTPOS or bank transfer. For billing information, please email info@hostsafetytraining.com.au or call 1300 631 011.

Please note that all card payments may attract a 2.2% transaction fee of the total amount paid.

Please refer to the student handbook for any payments over $1500; and our refund policy.

  • This course is delivered over three (3) days.
  • Training and assessment is delivered face to face at any of our facilities or onsite.
  • 5A Industrial Avenue, Caloundra West QLD 4551
  • 9 Hilliard Street, Gladstone QLD 4680
  • On-site delivery may be arranged upon request

Participants who are deemed competent will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment issued by Australian Institute of Resources Training Pty Ltd (RTO #40772) trading as Host Safety and Training.

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